Celine Dion – Loved Me Back To Life

Celine Dion - Loved Me Back To Life

Celine Dion’s eleventh english-language studio album Loved Me Back To Life

While Celine Dion‘s voice is unmistakably recognizable, her eleventh english-language album is less so. Loved Me Back To Life is vastly different for the French-Canadian singer when comparing the material she has released over the last two decades.

The master of the love ballad and the queen of cheesy soft pop, Celine Dion takes a long overdue approach to providing a slightly more modern sound in her music that incorporates styles used by some of the biggest pop stars of today.

The first single and title track, for example, is her initial attempt for the record at appealing to mainstream audiences. Co-written by Sia, the song has elements of a Rihanna ballad and has more of a focus on the production style rather than Celine’s voice. So much so that the song is rather crowded.

From there, Celine goes to an upbeat number on Somebody Loves Somebody before backing down again in the Ne-Yo duet Incredible and picking it up a notch in the Danny Mercer produced Save Your Soul. There’s a touch of modern in this album that seems to add the hint that Celine has suddenly gotten a bit “with it.”

She has always been a rather “safe” artist. I might even suggest that she’s the safest singer in the music industry, but if anything she has ever done in her recordings has been deemed risky, it might be this album. While there’s nothing new or groundbreaking on Loved Me Back To Life, the approach to the music shows Celine in a different light.

Breakaway is a pretty raw-sounding ballad that Celine could have sung to the high heavens like so many ballads before it, but she doesn’t. It sounds different for her. It’s as if she knows we’re all aware of her vocal abilities and now she’s changing it up just a bit.

Overjoyed, the duet with Stevie Wonder, is quite hokey, and it’s difficult to take her singing the lyrics to At Seventeen seriously, but all the same, Celine is charming.

On Loved Me Back To Life, like all of Celine’s albums, the real work comes down to the songs chosen. This time around, it seems that the songs have been selected to show a different side of her and to give her a slightly updated sound. It’s not a stretch beyond what anyone would expect from a Celine Dion album but it’s not completely a redoing of everything that she’s done before either. While criticism might come as a result of her attempting to recreate the pop hits of today, it’s still a step up from her usual fare of overblown love ballads. She seems more in-tune with herself and her surroundings and as such, this album comes off as feeling more authentic than Celine has felt in ages.
Three stars

1. Loved Me Back To Life
2. Somebody Loves Somebody
3. Incredible [with Ne-Yo]
4. Water And A Flame
5. Breakaway
6. Save Your Soul
7. Didn’t Know Love
8. Thank You
9. Overjoyed [with Stevie Wonder]
10. Thankful
11. At Seventeen
12. Always Be Your Girl
13. Unfinished Songs

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