What Bieber stands to gain

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber (image from vancouver.virginradio.ca)

Last week, Justin Bieber was the leading story on most of the major news sites, Twitter, Facebook and water cooler gossip discussion.

He was arrested for drag racing while under the influence with an expired licence. All of the charges against him were dropped, except for resisting arrest. (It’s Florida, remember.)

While much of the coverage focused on his recent downward spiral, a lot of comparisons were made to Britney Spears, who famously had a very public breakdown a few years back.

But some people have suggested that these actions are done on purpose, in an effort for Bieber to portray himself as someone more than a teen pop singer. While most of those comments are likely in jest, it is an interesting thing to consider.

Maybe this latest episode is Justin’s attempt to show the world he’s growing up. Surely he has to be somewhat aware that his actions would get media attention, whether he got away with them or not. Looking at the number of laws he broke last week – drag racing, driving double the speed limit, driving while under the influence of prescription drugs and alcohol, consuming alcohol under the legal age and resisting arrest – this could very well be for the attention he knew he would get.

Or maybe he’s just rebelling as teens sometimes do. Either way, some “child stars” go to great lengths to break away from an image that can be limiting to them in the long run.

Most recently we’ve seen Miley Cyrus completely alter her image from Hannah Montana to the twerk queen, with much criticism. Some try so hard to present a new image that shows us they have “grown up”, they lose control. It’s so common that we’ve come to expect them to have some level of “breakdown” more often than not.

Regardless of his intentions, Justin may benefit from his actions more than we’d like.

Despite our collective disgust over this situation, Justin could very well find himself in demand. His output has been quite limited in terms of what people expect from him so at the very least, he is expanding the possible expectations put on him – as trashy as they might be.

People love a hot mess.

Lindsay Lohan had no trouble securing acting roles and various appearances following her troubles and while she may not have gotten critical acclaim over them, she got attention and lots of press. In the eyes of those in charge, attention equals advertisers. And Like Lindsay, Justin could draw attention for anyone willing to hire him on.

And that’s nothing new.

There has been a ton of commentary every time something like this happens on how our society is diminishing itself and “crumbling” because of what we consider entertainment. But for every one of these comments, every discussion, and every article digging to find a deeper value in these incidents, we’re feeding into the hands and promoting the circus.

We hate them and we love to hate them but we also love to analyze them. True to the saying, ‘there’s no such thing as bad press.’ In some aspects, that may apply in this case.

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