Summer Soundtrack 2014

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea is on two of the songs I’m calling the biggest hits of summer.

The days are still chilly even though summer is just around the corner. And with the warm weather, beaches and lemonade comes the music. Summer is the best time of year for songs to leave a lasting impression on people because of the tendency to connect the music to memories that last a lifetime. For many people, the association is with the biggest hits of that season.

Here’s the list of this summer’s likely soundtrack. These songs will likely reach the point of over-saturation by the beginning of July but in ten years time, just may be fond parts of the memory of 2014.

Last summer was highly retro, thanks to hits from Daft Punk, Bruno Mars and Robin Thicke. This summer looks like it’s going to be retro but from a different era. Many of this songs sound 90s influenced, meaning the 1990s are now back in fashion.

There’s a spread of genres throughout what I think will layer playlists this summer, from pop to hip-hop, rock to reggae. What’s not included, however, is the four-on-the-floor dance/pop sound that defined summer for most of the last decade. Check out the songs below (click on each for YouTube links) and decide whether they’re a play or pass.


Canadian band Magic have already made their song Rude a hit in Canada.

Ariana Grande featuring Iggy AzaleaProblem

Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCXFancy

BleachersI Wanna Get Better

Ed SheeranSing

Nico & VinzAm I Wrong


KongosCome With Me Now


5 Seconds Of SummerShe Looks So Perfect

Agree? Disagree? Use the comments box below and let me know what’s missing.

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