Röyksopp & Robyn – Do It Again

Röyksopp and Robyn - Do It Again

Do It Again, the collaborative EP by Röyksopp and Robyn

After the perfection that was Body Talk in 2010, Robyn does what only Robyn could, take a sharp left turn.

The former 90s pop sensation has made many twists in her music since gradually penetrating the alternative pop music scene over the last decade. She’s won the respect that few former teen pop stars – JT included – could ever dream of, and by now, she has little left to prove.

Such freedom is probably how she could pull off following the trilogy of EPs that made up the Body Talk era with another EP, a collaborative effort with Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp called Do It Again.

The two previously collaborated on The Girl And The Robot, a clamorous theatrical song from their Junior record, and None Of Dem, the hypnotic show-stealer from Body Talk. Both songs set the stage for Do It Again that comprises the moody dramatics with mind-numbing beats cutting across 35 minutes of down and up and down again.

The EP starts out with the atmospheric and minimalistic Monument, with lyrics about the mark left behind after death. Its slower tempo keeps the pulse down but it’s no less delicious than anything with twice the BPM would be, especially when the airy saxophone kicks in at the halfway mark, taking an already great track into auditory bliss.

Sayit kicks things up as the electropunk track pairs Robyn’s vocals with those of a robot. In the call-and-answer track she teaches it to express desire, opening with the command “say it.” It’s as endearing as a house track such as this can get when the robot catches on and replies back “I want you.” In the end, the robot has taken over and finishes the track with the command “quiet!”

The next two songs are more familiar with Do It Again and Every Little Thing. Both blurring the lines between electronic and pop, Every Little Thing sounds like a slower version of a song that could have been on Body Talk and both have the sense of yearning that is accustomed to Robyn’s more well-known songs like Dancing On My Own and With Every Heartbeat.

The last track, Inside The Idle Hour Club, is an ambient instrumental that is easy to get lost in, allowing the mind to wander without commanding attention, acting as a guide rather than a focal point. It would have been nice to hear more input from Robyn in this one but in its extended form, it leaves you wanting more from both.

The Do It Again EP is a short mix of songs that puts Robyn deeper in the electronic genre than she’s gone previously while likely bringing further awareness to Röyksopp to people who were unfamiliar with them until now. For both, it’s the first record of new material in nearly four years and is just enough to whet appetites until something grander comes.
Four stars

1. Monument
2. Sayit
3. Do It Again
4. Every Little Thing
5. Inside The Idle Hour Club

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