Catherine MacLellan – The Raven’s Sun

Catherine MacLellan - The Raven's Sun

Catherine MacLellan’s new album The Raven’s Sun

Even for those folks who aren’t into folk music, it’s hard to dismiss Catherine MacLellan if only because of her soothing vocals and striking melodies. With lyrics of pondering reflections and her ability to paint lovely country scenery, it’s what set her apart so well with earlier albums and is a quality she maintains on her new album, if the opening song is any indication.

And where her last album Silhouettes took a step forward in production, allowing a cleaner sound, the fact that The Raven’s Sun was recorded to tape using analogue instead of digital isn’t a step backward.

The sound of the recording is, if anything, a complement to Catherine’s abilities as a musician and with collaborator and producer Chris Gauthier along side, musicianship is a key component to this record with the guitar playing as big a part in the storytelling as Catherine’s voice.

She sings of loss, sorrow and regret so delicately that on the surface, it doesn’t puncture, but underneath the emotions are ready to come flooding out. The passing of a close friend on Gone Too Soon, reflecting on the passing of youth in Beneath The Lindens, or the recklessness of Jack’s Song, which has a mischievous alt-country feel more in tune with the style of Whitehorse.

The timing of The Raven’s Sun release couldn’t be any better as the weather begins to cool and the evenings get shorter. It’s an autumn record meant for afternoon strolls, crisp air, fallen leaves and contemplation. It’s one of those records that listening to puts you at ease. You’ll just feel better when hearing it.
Four stars

1. The Raven’s Sun
2. Don’t Call Me Stranger
3. Tell Me Luella
4. Gone Too Soon
5. Jack’s Song
6. Beneath The Lindens
7. Rushing Winding Wind
8. Left On My Own
9. Frost In The Hollows
10. Hold On
11. Winter Spring

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