You+Me – rose ave.

You + Me - rose ave.

rose ave., the collaborative album between City & Colour (Dallas Green) and Pink (Alecia Moore)

Within seconds of pressing play on rose ave., Dallas Green proclaims “we’ve got a long way to go” and instantly, the pairing of the Canadian punk-turned-folk musician with American pop star Pink is a perfect match.

His delivery of that first line in Capsized is pretty much on point with the way Pink would have done it had it been her line. The two sound so well together that you would never think it was their first time recording as a single unit.

You + Me is the collective name of Dallas Green, otherwise known as City & Colour, and Pink, who is going by her real name Alecia Moore for this project.

Having known each other for several years now, this is their first time collaborating on original music and even though a majority of the 10-track record was written and recorded in about a week (with the exception of the only cover, No Ordinary Love by Sade), it sounds like an album full of leisurely sad folk songs – as if they’ve been jamming in each other’s living rooms with them for years.

While the folk sound is more in line with Dallas’s acoustic solo material as City & Colour, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Alecia can pull it off as naturally as she does.

Despite the normally polished in-your-face pop of her Pink musical persona, Alecia has always displayed an organic desire in her music, even if just subtly. Simply put, a move like this for her was inevitable. If it wasn’t a folk album, it would have been alt-country, or blues rock. Something more authentic and roots-based.

Together, they deliver an album full of desolation – forlorn, tragic songs that somehow feel comforting in their delicate, gentle delivery. It plays like a warm cabin fire in the deep winter. Their voices together are exquisite, neither overpowering the other but both easily distinguishable if need be.

At times, the two are reminiscent of the Robert Plant/Allison Krauss pairing from a few years back, particularly on the single You And Me, which has both sharing the mic equally.

The album maintains a consistency throughout, never dropping to any lows though also not offering any highs. The dramatics of Break The Cycle give the most variance on the record in a song that strangely brings to mind Left Behind from the Broadway musical Spring Awakening with its string arrangement accompanying a guitar and precision-perfect harmonies.

rose ave. is that rare album by two distinctly different artists who have paired up to create something that doesn’t leave you missing their past individual material. I could see You + Me live and be fine if the setlist consisted only of these songs.
Four stars

1. Capsized
2. From A Closet In Norway (Oslo Blues)
3. Gently
4. Love Gone Wrong
5. You And Me
6. Unbeliever
7. Second Guess
8. Break The Cycle
9. Open Door
10. No Ordinary Love

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