Robin Schulz – Prayer

Robin Schulz - PrayerWhen Waves became a hit last year for Mr Probz thanks to a remix by Robin Schulz, I was instantly hooked on the acoustic quality of the song overlaid by a light beat that brought out a bass line but also highlighted the charm of the original.

It marked the true culmination of electronica and acoustic genres centred around simplicity. Where most dance remixes replace the authenticity of the originals, Robin Schulz embraces them and simply adds to them without altering the songs themselves.

Prayer In C, the next hit with Robin’s name on it, had the same qualities. Originally released in 2010 by Lilly Wood & The Prick, Robin sped up the original track, keeping the yearning vocals and sparse guitar hook, and placed a beat over it, giving the song a whole new life.

The changes sound so simple but the additions made to these two tracks exemplifies them. I had to have more.

Much of Prayer follows in the same footsteps as these two singles. Original songs remixed from the core version of folk or indie pop, sped up and layered with beats, turning them into deep house remixes, usually sticking relatively close to the originals.

It’s the same story for remixes of songs by Lykke Li, White Apple Tree and Coldplay, whose A Sky Full Of Stars as remixed by Robin Schulz sounds more fitting for their Ghost Stories record than the version that did make it by Avicii, that sounded too much like his other work to suitably work on a Coldplay album.

On top of the remixes that make up the bulk of Prayer, Robin throws in a few original tracks including the single Sun Goes Down, with Jasmine Thompson on vocals, which feels closer to the realm that most associate with EDM as defined by pop radio over the past several years. It has a heavier focus on the beat.

Other originals, Warm Minds and Wrong, are dreamy instrumentals that show off Robin’s ability to create his own tracks but they feel out-of-place on Prayer. Perhaps included for vanity, they do their part to show that Robin doesn’t rely purely on the songs he remixes to show off his abilities, bringing in these emotionally charged tracks to expand on those he remixes. An album of originals may be in order.

Prayer poses the perfect blend of acoustic and electronic, and while it sometimes wavers, there’s enough on here to leave a good impression of Robin Schulz and to wait for his touch on other unsuspecting songs. Soon enough, he could be the man behind the sentiment that anything he touches he turns to gold.
Three stars

1. Prayer In C [Robin Schulz Radio Edit] – Lilly Wood & The Prick
2. Willst Du – Robin Schulz & Alligatoah
3. Sun Goes Down – Robin Schulz featuring Jasmine Thompson
4. No Rest For The Wicked [Robin Schulz Edit] – Lykke Li
5. Rather Be [Robin Schulz Edit] – Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynne
6. We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off – Lexer & Nico Pusch
7. House On Fire – Robin Schulz and Me & My Monkey
8. Taking Me Home – HeyHey
9. Never Know Me – Robin Schulz & Dansir
10. Snowflakes – Pingpong & Robin Schulz
11. Waves [Robin Schulz Radio Edit] – Mr Probz
12. Warm Minds – Robin Schulz
13. Wrong – Robin Schulz
14. Summer Nights – Scheinizzl & Chroph featuring David Lageder
15. Spree Ahoi – Thomas Lizzara featuring Steven Coulter
16. Hier Mit Dir [Robin Schulz Remix] – Tom Thaler & Basil
17. Changes [Robin Schulz Remix] – Faul & Wad Ad vs. Pnau
18. A Sky Full Of Stars [Robin Schulz Edit] – Coldplay
19. Whatever – Stil & Bense
20. In The Morning – Alex Schulz

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