Introducing ShufflePlay

What’s going on? So much is different. New layout. New colours. New logo. Even a new name. Is this the same site as before?

Yeah. It is.

shuffleplayWelcome to ShufflePlay. It’s a reimagined and renewed version of theMaxOnline, where the same posts will be written and the same ideas will be shared, but in a way that looks fresh and what I think is a better fit for what is written about.

theMaxOnline, as a website and an idea, has existed in some capacity for me for almost 15 years. It’s an idea that came to me when I wanted something that provided strength behind whatever it was I was writing at the time. Initially, ‘Max’ was short for ‘maximum’ – essentially a buzzword to describe the main topic, music, and it was a word that stuck. Maximum Music. Max Music. The Max. Online.

Then I decided I wanted change. More than just a redesign and new layout. I wanted to create a new identity for what I write using a name that fit with the content and a logo that wasn’t thrown together just to have a logo.

ShufflePlay was one of dozens of names to come out of a brainstorming session and the one I kept coming back to. Shuffle and Play, of course, were standard functions on CD players and today are probably the two most used selections on any digital music player. Most of us find or create a playlist, shuffle it, press play, and enjoy. Beyond music, we consume media at an increasing rate and much of it is random, sporadic, uncontrolled – shuffled. The consumption of it is the equivalent of play. It all comes back to shuffle and play.


The new shift is a work-in-progress. I’ve become inconsistent with my activity recently, and this change brings renewed interest on my part. I plan to introduce new features and ideas to this blog and hope to increase opportunities to interact with you – the reader. The purpose of ShufflePlay and theMaxOnline before it has always been because I enjoy music and pop culture, and writing about it. That won’t change. But if I could somehow make it more than that, that’s what I want to achieve. Please don’t hesitate to leave me a message with suggestions, ideas, thoughts, feedback, or even submit a guest blog post.

I should also mention that ShufflePlay has an accompanying domain:

Welcome to ShufflePlay!

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