Cutting between B to E

I knew it was inevitable at some point but never thought the day would come where I would reach maximum capacity.

Of course, I’m talking about my CD collection.

my cd collectionAs a self-proclaimed laggard who chooses to own an outdated method of music in this age of digital and now music streaming, I still hold on to the archaic ways of buying music in physical means. CDs and vinyl – even if most of the music I listen to is in a digital format.

My collection is nearing 1,000 and while I take pride in the wall of audio the way an avid reader does with an bookshelf packed full of books, I’ve come to realize that this evergrowing collection may be weighing me down. I’m reaching a point where I own too much stuff and I need to have less of everything.

I fully admit life would easier if I went 100% digital. It’s convenient. I can, and do, carry most of the music I’ve ever loved in my pocket most of the time. But as a long-time music enthusiast, having the physical product is part of the joy that comes with having a full appreciation of music. For me, it is and has always been a part of the package for an album I love to be able to hold some part of it in my hands.

And now comes the time when I must weed my music collection. But where do I start? I know of a few titles I can rid myself of immediately. There’s no Nickelback in there, but there is a Creed CD I don’t think I’ve ever played in full; I doubt I’ll ever have the desire to play Christina Aguilera’s first album again; and there are the handful of CDs from 90s one-hit-wonders I’ve found used over the years for a dollar or less for that now just take up space.

But beyond those, how stringent should I be? Do I keep only autographed CDs? Do I keep only my dead-set absolute all-time favourites? The essentials? The discographies of artists I like? Any CD I have any sort of attachment to – emotional or otherwise? What’s the limit?

Decisions, decisions. All I know is, it’s time to start trimming.

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