Boost or Mute

boost She had me at hello | This time last week, it was just an unconfirmed rumour that Adele would have an album out this year. Now we have a title, a release date, a cover, a tracklisting, AND the first single and video, both of which have dominated the internet. If you have friends, you’ve heard about the song. Even if you don’t, you probably still heard about it. Adele is back, and all she had to do was say hello.

boost Trudeau wins! | Last week, it was just a guess based on trends and polls. On Monday, election day in Canada, it was confirmed pretty early on that Justin Trudeau was elected the next Prime Minister. So far so good, though it isn’t officially the PM just yet, but it’s been a pretty good week in Canada.

mute Highly paid comedians | When you think of successful comedians in 2015, there’s a good chance Amy Schumer is at least one of the ones to come to mind. This week, Forbes revealed the highest paid comedians of the last year and Schumer wasn’t on that list. No woman was. The top of the list was Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin Hart and Terry Fator. Now, Amy’s absence could be justified by the fact she’s still relatively new in comparison to the others but, is it? Plus, consider all the other lists of entertainers and the absence of women on those and this is really nothing new, unfortunately.

boost The Hotline Bling parodies | The latest unintentional meme comes from the music video to Drake’s Hotline Bling, the one where he dances for nearly five minutes. It’s so simple and kind of terrible that it works. There are dozens, if not more, parodies of it around the internet and more coming out. It’s all pretty cheesy but who doesn’t love cheese?

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