Meg Myers – Sorry

Meg Myers - SorryWhen Lorde hit #1 on the alternative chart a few years back, she was the first woman to do so as a solo artist since Tracy Bonham in 1996. However, newcomer Meg Myers came close last year with a song that is more Mother Mother than Royals.

Desire was her first single and is a gritty rocker that instantly put Meg Myers in the control seat, demanding a reply to the question “how do you want me?” while listing off the things she would do in return.

Myers might be the first female rocker since Hailee Williams or even Amy Lee to make an impact in rock – and she’s worth getting excited over.

Sorry is her first full-length album and it carries over influences from the last 30 years without sounding dated. Much of it would fit in with the Lilith Fair era of the late-90s, even with Meg’s harder songs Desire and the unapologetic rocker Sorry, but especially when she dials it back like on the convincingly intimate Parade.

A Bolt From The Blue borrows new wave-influences with a synth-heavy melody and killer chorus that hangs on the heavy yearning of “baby”, while Motel takes Ceremonials-era Florence and reforms it as if it were an easy 90s classic.

Behind the confidence of Meg’s performance on this record is its raw production. Without the polish most music gets today, Sorry sounds lo-fi by comparison, but it’s the kind of record fans and followers would fall back to after the inevitable shift toward the adoption of bells and whistles and more advanced production. Its authenticity will serve as her foundation and if this album is any indication, there will be more to come.

Three stars

1. Motel
2. Sorry
3. A Bolt From The Blue
4. Desire
5. I Really Want You To Hate Me
6. Parade
7. Lemon Eyes
8. Make A Shadow
9. The Morning After
10. Feature

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