Big Grams – EP

Big GramsNot a mashup, not quite a supergroup but more than just a mere collaboration, Big Grams is the pairing of Outkast’s Big Boi with the duo Phantogram, resulting in an EP that sways between what both are known for.

Big Boi first collaborated with Phantogram on his 2012 record Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, where Sarah Barthel provided hooks and Josh Carter production. From there, they continued working together with this EP to show for it.

Comparing these songs with those from Vicious Lies, they don’t have the same high level of intensity. Where Lines, Objectum Sexuality and CPU all had booming electro undertones that strongly supported them, most of this EP has dialled it back while keeping the beat predominantly central.

There are times when it wavers into either Phantogram or Big Boi territory but rarely both, so there’s a bit of disjoint. Fell In The Sun and Lights Out are both more of Phantogram’s camp with Big Boi offering a single rap verse toward the end of the latter, while Run For Your Life and Put It On Her are more in his realm.

It’s not as adventurous or captivating as would be expected from two innovative and creative musical artists. While Big Grams is still a satisfying collection, the disappointment is in how safe it is, and without a solid standout track to carry it, it’s likely already lost in the shuffle.
Three stars

1. Run For Your Life
2. Lights On
3. Fell In The Sun
4. Put It On Her
5. Goldmine Junkie
6. Born To Shine [featuring Run The Jewels]
7. Drum Machine [featuring Skrillex]

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