Boost or Mute

boost 25 or a couple million | Adele’s 25 hit stores and digital retailers on Friday and has been shattering records ever since. In its first three days, according to Billboard, it sold 2.3 million copies in the US, 900K of those from iTunes alone, which automatically makes it the top selling album of 2015 and puts it among the top two highest single-week totals ever – in three days! The record to beat – and it’s certain to do so – is ‘N Sync’s 2.4 million for No Strings Attached, which achieved that back in March 2000, near the peak of album sales. Projections for 25 see it coming close to an unimaginable 3 million in its first week, and with just over one month left to New Years, its end of year total is in the range of 5 to 7 million. The last album to sell over 5 million in a calendar year was Adele’s own 21 in 2011. The last album to sell over 6 million was Usher’s Confessions back in 2004, when it reached almost 8 million.

mute What’s in a cup? | The latest controversy so absurd it must be fake is the outrage over the new Starbucks holiday cup. The plain red cup was supposedly met with anger and disappointment from Christians who were upset at the coffee giant’s suppression of Christmas in favour of the more neutral “holidays”. Do these people exist or is this whole thing just a plant by someone in an attempt to mock Christians further? It’s probably sad that it’s even believable.

mute Lil’Jason Wayne | Also sadly believable and confirmed to be true, country singer Jason Aldean dressed as Lil’Wayne for Halloween this year, complete with dreadlocks and black face. No apology was issued, which is probably better than putting one out because really, why say something you won’t mean?

boost From Celine to Paris | Celine Dion gave an emotional performance au français at the American Music Awards when she sang Hymne à L’Amour in a tribute to the victims of last week’s attacks in Paris. The song was originally by Edith Piaf, one of the most famous singers ever to come from France.

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