Anderson East – Delilah

Anderson East - DelilahI sat on Satisfy Me for months before realizing there’s probably more to Anderson East than this clever song about not settling too easily. In it, he sings “got a PHD in TLC/and there’s so many fish in the sea/It’s gonna take more more more/to satisfy me.”

Anderson East – real name Mike Anderson – wears his southern roots on his sleeve. The Alabama-born singer oozes old-fashioned graciousness in his lyrics and smooth performance as his throaty vocals wash over the mix of horns, piano, and soulful backup singers. But despite his respectable demeanor, he still has desires. And that’s what Delilah is all about.

In Devil In Me, he calls claim to her by name: “I know the Lord’s been good to me when I look at the preacher’s daughter/But she’s my Delilah/she brings me to my knees.”

Throughout the album, he croons about love, expressing a yearning for it that is in no way new, sometimes relying too much on clich├ęs and overused analogies, but with his chocolate-melting voice, combined with soulful delivery and gospel influenced melodies, he more than makes up for it.

At just over 30 minutes and 10 tracks, Delilah is a solid outing with producer Dave Cobb and a commendable breakthrough for Anderson East. The songs aren’t likely to have the lasting power as Anderson himself likely will. In other words, he’s definitely got more to offer and I would, without question, place him on top of any Artist to Watch list.

1. Only You
2. Satisfy Me
3. Find ‘Em, Fool ‘Em, And Forget ‘Em
4. Devil In Me
5. All I’ll Ever Need
6. Quit You
7. What A Woman Wants To Hear
8. Lonely
9. Keep The Fire Burning
10. Lying In Her Arms

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