Ray LaMontagne – Ouroboros

Ray LaMontagne - OuroborosMusic is all about complementing experiences, building memories or serving as soundtracks for particular moments. It’s what makes music such a personal thing and sometimes, what we end up liking is out of our control. But more often, we have control over what we like and can create our own soundtrack to accompany the experiences we have.

The latest album from Ray LaMontagne is best served for that very reason. Music to support a certain experience. To create a specific mood. Atmospheric, dreamy, psychedelic. Ultimately, the record is music that gives the listener control over how it’s consumed, which is, in conjunction with something else.

Co-produced with Jim James of My Morning Jacket, Ouroboros is divided into two parts a la the classic album, with tracks that sometimes seamlessly segue into the next – for minimal interruption. Unlike LaMontagne’s past records, which ranged from folk to 60’s inspired chill-out music, Ouroboros is grungy, dirty, yet also calming. Free from limitation, musically and lyrics, the best description of the album is with the line “there’s really not that much to say, it’s just another day.”

With many comparisons being made to Pink Floyd or Zeppelin records, Ouroboros is a modern day stoner album. The type of album that doesn’t make its own point, and with little to associate it to Ray LaMontagne the folk and soul artist, the album is truly in the hands of the listener, leaving it all up to them on how to use it.
Three stars

1. Homecoming
2. Hey, No Pressure
3. The Changing Man
4. While It Still Beats
5. In My Own Way
6. Another Day
7. A Murmuration Of Starlings
8. Wouldn’t It Make A Lovely Photograph

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