Birdy – Beautiful Lies

Birdy - Beautiful LiesThe release of Birdy‘s previous album Fire Within coincided with the soundtrack for the film The Fault In Our Stars, which contained songs by her that, for better or for worse, received more attention, thus leaving her own record in the dust. While not a bad album, Fire Within‘s many co-writers left it sounding disjointed, failing to capture her as an artist, where her newest release, Beautiful Lies, succeeds in revealing her musically. The record, centring around an ending relationship, is lyrically vulnerable as she questions her own feelings and experiences, unsure about everything except that the relationship is nearing its end.

Striking melodies and poignant lyrics, Beautiful Lies is more-than-appropriate to continue Birdy’s role as a go-to artist for teen film and television soundtracks. So suitable, in fact, a series could be written around the album just to use the music to break the hearts of millions of Netflix viewers. Beautiful Lies run a little on the long side, but it gives Birdy the identity we knew she possessed while allowing her to display her vocal abilities and writing.

Three stars

1. Growing Pains
2. Shadow
3. Keeping Your Head Up
4. Deep End
5. Wild Horses
6. Lost It All
7. Silhouette
8. Lifted
9. Take My Heart
10. Hear You Calling
11. Words
12. Save Yourself
13. Unbroken
14. Beautiful Lies

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