William Fitzsimmons – Charleroi: Pittsburgh Vol. 2

William Fitzsimmons - CharleroiAfter last year’s EP Pittsburgh, William Fitzsimmons continues his journey of exploring relationships of people close to him, or in the case of Vol. 2, relationships that didn’t get to exist. The six songs on Charleroi are about separation. As he explains about the pair of EPs, Pittsburgh is about the grandmother he knew and Charleroi is about the one he didn’t.

With less sonic variety than Pittsburgh, Charleroi as a collective feels more rounded, much more subdued, internal, and very focused. He’s already a quiet singer and much of this record is barely louder than a hush – never coming alive the way his also-hushed Lions did, but perhaps never having to. Both EPs seemingly take the form of a side project for Fitzsimmons, as a way to get his thoughts down and out there before he’s able to move on – a kind of self-therapy.
Three stars

1. People Change Their Minds
2. Hear Your Heart
3. A Part
4. Charleroi
5. Fare Thee Well
6. Nothing Can Be Changed

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