Regina Spektor – Remember Us To Life

Regina Spektor - Remember Us To LifeRegina Spektor retreats from the whimsical and ups the theatrical on her fifth record Remember Us To Life. There’s less focus on melody, which does have a presence, though mostly in the first third, while the rest emphasizes mood and setting.

Bleeding Heart is familiar Regina as she recalls the challenge of being an empathetic introvert, while she passes along advice using great wordplay on Older and Taller, which feels out of a modern urban musical. On Remember Us To Life, Regina reconnects with moments in the past that weren’t necessarily key at the time, but stand out now years later. She’s a young girl on Sellers Of Flowers walking hand-in-hand with her father on a chilly evening realizing time is the only constant and waits for nothing. The Light touches on the mystery of dreams, whether remembered or forgotten. The Trapper and the Furrier spotlights capitalism, its faults and how strange it is that it’s accepted in society today. As expected, the song’s delivery is menacing, even unnecessarily so as the theme is troublesome enough.

While clearly a more personal album than her previous output, Remember Us To Life could have benefitted from more of Regina’s signature whimsy, which often leads to the basis of her melodies. Without it, there’s little to grab onto as the second half fails to capture due to lack of sonic variety and melody. You’re already wishing for the first half again before the second half is over.
Three stars

1. Bleeding Heart
2. Older And Taller
3. Grand Hotel
4. Small Bill$
5. Black And White
6. The Light
7. The Trapper And The Furrier
8. Tornadoland
9. Obsolete
10. Sellers Of Flowers
11. The Visit
12. New Year
13. The One Who Stayed And The One Who Left
14. End Of Thought

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