Passenger – Young As The Morning Old As The Sea

Passenger - Young As The Morning, Old As The SeaAfter Passenger found temporary worldwide fame with Let Her Go, he secured himself as one of the decade’s top one-hit-wonders, but his musical output is more than that one hit. However, on his seventh album, Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea, it seems as if he’s channeling that song for a collection of cheesy adult-contemporary love songs. While Passenger, whose real name is Michael Rosenberg, shines when he takes a more intimate folky approach, like his recent record Whispers, efforts to brighten his sound with additional instrumentation and lush strings are welcome, especially since the themes lack variation and sometimes remain the same as he’s touched on before. Everything is like a schmaltzier Holes without the narrative or catchy melody, but both centre around the line “when you’ve got something you’ve got something to lose.” Anywhere has hints of rockabilly in the recurring guitar hook that carries the song from chorus to chorus in one of the album’s more singable moments. The Long Road is a sad sentiment about a man who lived life but did so without ever letting anyone else in. It’s a striking observation that serves as one of Rosenberg’s strengths – the ability to draw out tragedy few would think of when it would actually matter. Unfortunately, much of the album falls to the cliche. It’s not without its strengths, but Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea suffers too much from been-there done-that.
Three stars

1. Everything
2. If You Go
3. When We Were Young
4. Anywhere
5. Somebody’s Love
6. Young As The Morning Old As The Sea
7. Beautiful Birds [featuring Birdy]
8. The Long Road
9. Fool’s Gold
10. Home

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