Martha Wainwright – Goodnight City

Martha Wainwright - Goodnight CityMartha Wainwright makes it sound so easy. The ease of sailing her vocals through waves of high to low, floating through each note in full control, belting when necessary but able to pull it back to a whisper at the drop of a dime. The ease of transitioning between languages on Look Into My Eyes. The ease of performing songs written by others as well as she performs her own, whether it’s a song penned by Beth Orton, Glen Hansard, or a family member: her parents, Rufus, or aunt Anna and cousin Lily – they all end up hers in the end. The ease of jumping between genres, maintaining a central sound but still blurring that line that keeps her in charge. She jumps from a splendid mixture of pop and jazz with very minimal but effective electronica on Look Into My Eyes to almost a lullaby on Before The Children Came Along before it turns menacing, ending with her wailing over a gentle clarinet and banging guitar. Goodnight City is a musical adventure with a lot of twists. Martha never stays in the same place too long but she always returns to familiar territory. Spend some time with it.
Four stars

1. Around the Bend
2. Franci
3. Traveller
4. Look Into My Eyes
5. Before the Children Came Along
6. Window
7. Piano Music
8. Alexandria
9. So Down
10. One of Us
11. Take The Reins
12. Francis

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