Amelia Curran – Watershed

Amelia Curran - WatershedNearly two decades of writing, recording and performing, Amelia Curran has been around the musical block more than a few times. Originally from Newfoundland, she’s received a Juno Award, has a following in Europe and just released her eighth record Watershed. The album, in many ways, is a culmination of her experience as an artist and a woman in an industry that actively combats against artistry and women. Her mellow voice, now long accustomed to a folk music setting, is backed by drums and electric guitars on this record. The songs are punchy with lyrics of frustration and a determined delivery.

Gravity, the shortest song on the record at under two-and-a-half minutes, packs a punch as Amelia sings about staying focused and sticking with your cause. “You and me don’t have the run of the place/but a voice is a terrible thing to waste.” She expresses frustration with the line “I was not bad for a girl,” on No More Quiet. A song that addresses misogyny head-on with the ultimatum “If no more quiet then no more sound,” and powerful backing vocals by Shakura S’Aida. It’s her A Day Without a Woman song and it delivers. With much of the album on the rockier side of things, it isn’t without mellow moments. On Every Woman Every Man, she pleads for discussion between opposing sides who may not even understand why they disagree, and You Have Got Each Other is a pleasant song about simply appreciating love.

Watershed is an album with strong melodies, poetic lyrics, and a message. It comes out of sheer frustration across many fronts but one that offers a point that things can be improved if effort is put in by everyone on all sides. It’s Amelia Curran taking it to the next step.
Four stars

1. Move A Mile
2. Watershed
3. Sunday Bride
4. Gravity
5. Come Back To Me
6. Act Of Human Kindness
7. Stranger Things Have Happened
8. No More Quiet
9. Try
10. Every Woman Every Man
11. You Have Got Each Other

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