Jadea Kelly – Love & Lust

Jadea Kelly - Love and Lusthat she calls her own Jagged Little Pill, a breakup album that expresses her own anger, disappointment and loneliness. The record kicks off with the dreamy Make It Easy, where she acknowledges how difficult the actual breaking up is when he still does things you like. Her anger is felt in the lyrics of Mariah where she confronts the other woman, “Mariah/all you ever wanted was a love that was pure/poured your soul into his hands/and all he felt was the dirt.” Ultimately, it’s the feeling of disappointment and subsequent emptiness that pulls the record. In Love You, she laments her efforts to build a relationship “Love you/That’s what I tried/that’s what I tried to do.”

As a breakup album, Love & Lust doesn’t pack the punch you get from records like Jagged Little Pill, 21 or even Kathleen Edwards‘ last album Voyageur, but it comes with an honesty not all breakup records can claim, across the folky pop melodies and crystal clear delivery of Jadea’s vocals.

The album came out nearly a year ago, last June in Canada, but its extended shelf life has kept it ongoing and relevant a year later. Back in April, it was released in the US on the heels of first single Make It Easy.
Three stars

1. Make It Easy
2. On The Water
3. Can’t Outrun
4. Mercy
5. Good Girl
6. Love You
7. Mariah
8. Ocean Floor
9. Every Last One
10. Paper Thin Heart
11. Beauty

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