Kelly Clarkson – Meaning Of Life

Kelly Clarkson - Meaning Of LifeThe question I can’t help but ask when hearing Kelly Clarkson‘s eighth album Meaning Of Life is why did it take so long for Kelly to make an album that showcases both her talents as a vocalist and performer and her personality? The answer might lie in the fact that her contract with RCA ended with her last album.

A decade ago, Kelly famously released an album where she was given creative freedom and it flopped, resulting in label politics that subsequently led to albums and singles like Stronger, My Love Would Suck Without You and Heartbeat Song. Not terrible songs by any means and many were hits for her, but they left so much to be desired by one of the shining vocalists of the 21st century. So to hear the intro to Meaning Of Life, the appropriately titled A Minute, it was clear that the focus is once again on Kelly’s vocals.

Meaning Of Life is a mixture of soul and R&B glazed with modern production elements. It oozes confidence (Love So Soft), sass (Whole Lotta Woman), seduction (Slow Dance), and a lot of personality that suits the Kelly we’ve come to know in interviews and on twitter – to a degree. (ie, there’s no politics on the record)

Kelly sounds like she’s having fun and she sounds great in the process. It’s not a perfect record, but it’s highly satisfying and from start-to-finish, perhaps her best album yet. This is Kelly’s long-awaited re-invention! It’s unfortunate it took her nearly ten years to get here.
Four stars

1. A Minute (Intro)
2. Love So Soft
3. Heat
4. Meaning Of Life
5. Move You
6. Whole Lotta Woman
7. Medicine
8. Cruel
9. Didn’t I
10. Would You Call That Love
11. I Don’t Think About You
12. Slow Dance
13. Don’t You Pretend
14. Go High

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