George Ezra – Staying At Tamara’s

George Ezra - Staying At Tamara'sThere’s always a risk with sophomore efforts that musicians will lose qualities that made them charming in the first place. Most artists will forge their own sound in the first album and by the second, they start the inevitable shift toward a more accepted mainstream sound. There’s some evidence of this on George Ezra‘s second record Staying At Tamara’s where he goes for a sound cleaner and smoother than his first, but he hasn’t lost what made him such a standout among the newcomers of 2014. You might even say he’s embracing some of those qualities even more, judging by the lyric videos he put out for Hold My Girl and Pretty Shining People prior to the album’s release. He plays up his shy, awkward side singing karaoke to a nearly empty room. It’s super adorable – like much of the album where George opts for a more positive tone pretty much the whole way through. From Pretty Shining People, the album’s breezy super catchy intro about happiness begets happiness, to the almost mystical closer The Beautiful Dream, George is doing his part to make 2018 as happy as he can make it. The record isn’t as rustic as his first and at times the melodies sound like where Ed Sheeran would have gone with his last album if he wasn’t so intent on recreating Thinking Out Loud. Staying At Tarama’s doesn’t have a lot to grab onto and it doesn’t have the adventure that Wanted On Voyage had, but it does its work as one of this summer’s first go-to records. It’s the perfect album to ‘get away’ to as the sun sets.
Three stars

1. Pretty Shining People
2. Don’t Matter Now
3. Get Away
4. Shotgun
5. Paradise
6. All My Love
7. Sugarcoat
8. Hold My Girl
9. Saviour [featuring First Aid Kit]
10. Only A Human
11. The Beautiful Dream

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