Amy Shark – Love Monster

Amy Shark - Love MonsterAmy Shark is Australia’s newest musical export. Now an artist on the rise, her first full-length album follows the success of her long-burning single Adore. Originally released at home in 2016, Adore is a haunting song about desire that has just a tinge of angst layered over a slow yet thick beat. It’s a mood that hangs over most of the album: kind of angsty and a little dreamy with lyrics that display a range of intimacy and vulnerability.

Most of the songs centre around love in its various states across time, past, now and soon. She kicks the album off with I Got You, about skipping over the phase of uncertainty in a blooming relationship and just making it a thing: “If we don’t do this today/There goes a day/Another moment that could have been ours.” On Don’t Turn Around, she sees an old flame and imagines being together again until she tells herself “let it go/let it go.” The lyrics don’t dig too deep into the psyche but there’s enough to relate to for the songs to feel personal – adoptable.

While Love Monster doesn’t do anything new with its sound, Amy has still achieved something few artists do on a first album and that’s carve out a distinct sound. With songs gently supported by hip-hop beats, sonically, she’s like Skylar Grey but with much more teeth, grit and focus. Lyrically, she could be this generation’s Michelle Branch or Avril Lavigne stand-in. A singer/songwriter that appeals to pop music audiences with melodic indie pop songs that capture the experiences of every 20-something and molds them into musical memories.
Four stars

1. I Got You
2. Adore
3. All Loved Up
4. I Said Hi
5. The Idiot
6. Never Coming Back
7. Leave Us Alone
8. Psycho
9. Don’t Turn Around
10. Middle of the Night
11. Mess Her Up
12. The Slow Song
13. I’m A Liar
14. You Think I Think I Sound Like God

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