Jason Mraz – Know.

Jason Mraz - KnowMr. Positivity returns with his sixth album, KNOW. A record that continues from the same path as his last couple of records of happiness, positive vibes and love. So much love. As he sings in the last track on the album, “whatever you want/whatever you are after/love is still the answer/love love love/love love love.”

It’s been the theme to most of his music since the massive hit I’m Yours from a decade ago. Not so much that Jason sings love songs, but songs about love. And there’s a lot to go around.

When he deviates away from love ever-so-slightly, the vibe is still positive. Have It All, the album’s first single, is Jason’s catchiest song since the days of Mr. A-Z. A song about hoping for the best out of every day for everyone paired with a catchy melody and a chorus you can’t not sing to.

Old school fans of Jason will be pleasantly surprised to hear Sleeping To Dream pop up in the tracklist. A longtime concert favourite, an old studio recording of this song exists but its most prominent placement was as part of his 2004 live CD/DVD album Tonight, Not Again. Thankfully, the song remains relatively unchanged and is a welcome addition to an album that doesn’t boast much in the way of surprises.

Other songs of note include Jason channeling his inner Geek In The Pink/Curbside Prophet on Unlonely, where he brings back his signature rapping for the first time in a decade. He steps on (but not over) the line of country on the fun Might As Well Dance, and mixes it up with Meghan Trainor on the mellow pop mid-tempo More Than Friends.

KNOW. is a feel-good record and a slight step up from his last couple, but it’s still not particularly memorable. Yet, the music is safe in probably all the right ways as he encourages positivity and love and he’s doing it his way, one song at a time.

Three stars

Check Out: Have It All, Sleeping To Dream, Better With You

1. Let’s See What The Night Can Do
2. Have It All
3. More Than Friends [featuring Meghan Trainor]
4. Unlonely
5. Better With You
6. No Plans
7. Sleeping To Dream
8. Making It Up
9. Might As Well Dance
10. Love Is Still The Answer

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