Troye Sivan – Bloom

Troye Sivan - BloomOn Troye Sivan‘s second album Bloom, he steps out from behind the electropop curtain to reveal more of who he is and how he got to be that person. It’s an album full of vulnerability as he reveals secrets about himself most would never share to anyone other than their closest friends (or anonymous internet strangers). Bloom is a record about opening up and embracing who he is, and in doing so, providing a voice for those not yet able to reach that point.

The album dives right in on the opening track, Seventeen, a song he wrote about losing his virginity by hooking up with an older man from Grindr. It’s a mid-tempo song that is the introspective counterpart to the audacious title track Bloom, which depicts losing his virginity while masked in a bouncy pop melody that wouldn’t sound out of place on the radio.

Troye serves up some folky realness as he channels Sufjan Stevens on the atmospheric The Good Side, admitting he was the fortunate one following a breakup, but he holds on to the good that came from the relationship. It’s a standout track from an album that is heavy on the down-tempos. One of the other minimalistic tracks is Postcard, a simple piano ballad that marks the start of the album’s slump halfway through. A slump that doesn’t really puck up again (yep, not even the Ariana collaboration does it) until Lucky Strike, which goes further to embrace man-on-man affection that pop music is still so oddly void of. Every utter of the word “boy” brings us closer to equality. Ok, wishful thinking, but try to not feel a sense of pride over the line “my boy is a queen.”

Bloom is ambitious mostly because Troye doesn’t follow in the footsteps of any of his peers. Where he’d be expected to create an album of upbeat dance-pop, he slows it down and entices listeners with lyrics about love, lust and self-awareness. The result isn’t perfect but the effort is rewarding.
Three stars

Check Out: Seventeen, The Good Side, Lucky Strike

1. Seventeen
2. My My My
3. The Good Side
4. Bloom
5. Postcard
6. Dance To This [with Ariana Grande]
7. Plum
8. What A Heavenly Way To Die
9. Lucky Strike
10. Animal

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