KT Tunstall – WAX

KT Tunstall - WAXWAX is KT Tunstall‘s sixth studio album and the ‘body’ of her soul, body, mind trilogy, following 2016’s KIN. Where KIN was full of pleasant melodies that mixed her brand of acoustic pop with positivity, WAX makes full use of the body with beefy instruments and a rockier surface. KT’s first step with this album was to put the electric guitar front and centre and she did just that, from the songs themselves to the very album cover. Most of the album was co-produced by former Franz Ferdinand member Nick McCarthy, who also had a hand in co-writing on some of the tracks, including the decidedly mellow ode to David Bowie on The Night That Bowie Died – a song that stands in stark contrast to the rest of the record where the tight production and minimal layering brings every sound to the front, matching KT’s vocals evenly with the guitar as she sings “The whole world gave a sigh/Like the night that Bowie died.”

KT continues to make reference to the body throughout the record, from the connecting of hearts on Little Red Thread to the chemistry of the body on grungy track The Healer to the thin pulsating beat that ends the record on Tiny Love. WAX is suitably the meatier counterpart to KIN without being a complete rebrand of her sound. It stays familiar with sonic reminders to each of her past five albums but doesn’t retread what she’s already covered before, making for what is turning out to be a solid trilogy of pop/rock.
Three stars

Check Out: The Mountain, The Night That Bowie Died, In This Body

1. Little Red Thread
2. Human Being
3. The River
4. The Mountain
5. The Healer (Redux)
6. Dark Side Of Me
7. Poison In Your Cup
8. Backlash and Vinegar
9. In This Body
10. The Night That Bowie Died
11. Tiny Love

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