Lissie – Castles

Lissie - CastlesAfter her last couple albums tackled life in a ‘what am I doing and where am I going’ sense, Lissie‘s fourth record Castles dives deep into the world of life after love as she sings about a relationship after the fact, clearly not having been ready for it to end even though it already has.

On the album, she sings about the desire of having of a relationship last (Castles and Blood and Muscle), or what it would be like if that relationship she was in was still ongoing (Somewhere). Much of Castles is in the grieving and challenges that come following a breakup and it covers a lot of ground, but there’s a lot of optimism and realism in there. As much as she dwells on the failure of the relationship, she knows it’s only temporary.

On What Am I Gonna Do, she sings “What am I gonna do when I’m no longer unhappy over you?/And who’s gonna turn me out and be all I ever sit and think about?” while on the upbeat single Best Days, she promises herself that there will be better days to come.

Musically, the album is fairly subdued as she explores a range of sounds and confines them into her style of folk-pop. Boyfriend is supported by a subtle electronica beat, Sand takes the form of an early 90s folk-rock ballad, while Crazy Girl picks up the pace within that same era, channeling her very best Sophie B. Hawkins.

Castles is Lissie sounding more bare than she’s ever been. It’s vulnerable but hopeful; minimalistic in its delivery, which may play into it being not as immediate as her past records, but there’s still a lot to latch on to beneath the surface.

Three stars

Check out: Best Days, Crazy Girl, Sand

1. World Away
2. Crazy Girl
3. Castles
4. Blood and Muscle
5. Best Days
6. Feels Good
7. Boyfriend
8. Somewhere
9. Love Blows
10. What Am I Gonna Do
11. Peace
12. Sand
13. Meet Me In The Mystery

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