Jade Bird – Jade Bird

Jade Bird - Jade BirdThe first minute of English singer/songwriter Jade Bird’s self-titled debut album is all that’s needed to show she’s the real deal. Ruins starts out with just her and a guitar. Once she reaches the chorus, the hook is set.

Jade Bird is an edgy folk album as raw in its lyrics as it is in its production. Bird is the sole songwriter behind all 12 tracks that cover topics of love, exes, and what should happen if she died young. She covers a lot of ground with a fairly minimalistic approach, jumping back and forth between folk, rock and country. One minute, she’s cooing over a piano and the next, she’s rocking out over guitars and drums.

She comfortably fits in with the current roster of new rockers like Elle King and Courtney Barnett. Uh Huh wouldn’t sound out of place coming from either, while Going Gone could have come from a Lindi Ortega record, but Bird’s real win comes with the immediate hook that graces nearly every track on the album. If the sweet hooks of My Motto and Ruins don’t reel you in, the angsty aggression of Uh Huh and Love Has All Been Done Before will.

Jade Bird is a name you’ll be seeing a lot of over the next couple years. She has the makings of a superstar with potential to play a centre role in rock and pop music and she’s just getting started.

Four stars

Check out: My Motto, Uh Huh, Ruins

1. Ruins
2. Lottery
3. I Get No Joy
4. Side Effects
5. My Motto
6. Does Anybody Know
7. Uh Huh
8. Good At It
9. 17
10. Love Has All Been Done Before
11. Going Gone
12. If I Die

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