#cellularapocalypse 2017

When the network goes down, Twitter is the place to be. Go figure. Here’s how some of Atlantic Canada is responding to the cellular outage. Massive telephone outage strikes Canada. National emergency unfolding. Dramatic. — Gabe Schoenfeld (@gabeschoenfeld) August 4, 2017 I assume that the streets of Atlantic Canada are now full of neighbours meeting each other for the first

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11 uses for the Super Map of Halifax tote bag

1. To carry your groceries in 2. Laundry bag (for dirty OR clean clothes) 3. To hold all your weekend plans 4. To contain all your other less cool tote bags 5. An easy reference for your all your wizarding needs 6. A holder for your complete Tegan and Sara vinylography 7. For your MacBook collection 8. A place for

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An ode to transportation

It’s been a banner year in the clash of motor vehicles vs. pedestrians in Halifax. From January to this week of this year, there were 229 reported collisions involving pedestrians. Add bicycles to the equation and everyone has an opinion.

It has resulted in a divide between those who choose to cycle, those who drive, and pedestrians. Whether it’s about drivers sharing the road with cyclists, or pedestrians being solely responsible for their own well-being when using crosswalks, the response always seems to be the same.

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Next, please

Scotia Square

I once dubbed the food court in Scotia Square mall as being the best food court in Halifax.

What always jumped out at me about Scotia Square’s food court was that it seemed to go against the grain. There were always a few recognizable fast-food options in there but there were also local treats that gave options beyond the usual burgers, fries and chicken.

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