Cutting between B to E

my cd collection

As a self-proclaimed laggard who chooses to own an outdated method of music in this age of digital and now music streaming, I still hold on to the archaic ways of buying music in physical means. I knew it was inevitable at some point but I never thought the day would come where I would reach maximum capacity.

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I lived in a Columbia House

columbia house flyer

Before the days of mp3s and streaming, before I lived in close proximity to a record store, there was Columbia House. The days of mail blasts and newspaper inserts of Columbia House fliers filled with listings of CDs, cassettes, movies on tape and eventually DVD, 12 for a penny.

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11 uses for the Super Map of Halifax tote bag

1. To carry your groceries in 2. Laundry bag (for dirty OR clean clothes) 3. To hold all your weekend plans 4. To contain all your other less cool tote bags 5. An easy reference for your all your wizarding needs 6. A holder for your complete Tegan and Sara vinylography 7. For your MacBook collection 8. A place for

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Introducing ShufflePlay


What’s going on? So much is different. New layout. New colours. New logo. Even a new name. Is this the same site as before?

Yeah. It is.

Welcome to ShufflePlay. It’s a reimagined and renewed version of theMaxOnline, where the same posts will be written and the same ideas will be shared, but in a way that looks fresh and what I think is a better fit for what is written about.

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