Christmas in a box

Christmas tree

When I was growing up, the first sign of Christmas came with the Sears Christmas Wish Book that arrived at the end of August. Every year, it became a temporarily permanent fixture in the kitchen and living room as I’d thumb through the toy pages – and later the electronics pages – looking at the things I’d want.

But the Christmas season for me didn’t officially start until I heard my first Christmas song on the radio, usually around November 22, and usually on the province’s main AM station, just because. After that first song, the floodgates of Christmas opened.

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Discuss depression

Robin Williams

Earlier today, news broke that Robin Williams had allegedly committed suicide. The actor, known for his comedic films and uplifting roles, had been battling severe depression and had recently entered rehab to battle alcohol addiction.

What makes the passing of this Hollywood legend-to-be so shocking was that the roles he played were often characters who were in a position to offer help and support. He was the quintessential good guy. And for people of our generation, he’s an actor who’s always maintained a presence on the big screen performing those types of roles. Therefore, we naturally assume that as someone associated with providing support to others through his roles, of course he wouldn’t be thought of as being in need of it himself.

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Gay man’s currency

Sam Smith

A few months ago I read an article on the Huffington Post that cited a new article claiming gay males are much more proportionately likely to have an eating disorder than straight males. This is a pretty expected result but when thinking about reasons why this is so, it’s especially disappointing.

In popular culture, the gay male persona falls into one of two groups. First, you have the standard or stereotypical pretty, thin or fit. In the other group, you have everyone else. Most gay men I know fall into neither group but I’m willing to bet most have had issues with body image at some point in their lives as they strive to fit into the thin and fit group, because that’s what represents us.

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