Merry Christmas

“One of the joys of Christmas is remembering the joys of Christmases past.” That’s a quote from a For Better or For Worse comic strip that I think sums up the holiday season for me now that I’m older. Christmas is the time of the year when I’m most nostalgic. Every year I imagine myself successfully recreating the magic of

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“Let’s meet at the cup”

Second Cup

Most people like to keep their work life separate from their home and social lives. For me, all three were rolled into one for the last five years.

Despite my current endeavour to move on to bigger and better things, I still continue to enjoy working at Second Cup in downtown Halifax. Cafe culture is something I love and there was no better place for it than where I’ve worked since October 2008.

But even as my place of work, Second Cup has always been a destination beyond that.

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Hurricane Juan

Ten years ago today (Sept. 29, 2003) Halifax experienced a hurricane that is still talked about as one of the biggest weather-related events in a lifetime for people who live here. Having grown up in Newfoundland, I never experienced any severe weather myself (though it was often windy more than it wasn’t) and in comparison to perhaps Florida or Cuba,

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Radio Daze

Stats from a recent Billboard article stated that of people who still listen to radio, 92% tune in to AM/FM stations, 55% stream from custom playlist websites, 44% stream AM/FM from computers and 33% listen to satellite radio. I don’t know many people who still listen to the radio. With the growing number of options becoming available to us through

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