Shopping complete

So I’m proud to say that I’ve finally finished my Christmas shopping for my family. After a few ideas and some searching, I couldn’t find what I wanted to get for one of my sisters so I settled on something else. Hopefully it’s something they will like. I’ll have to write about reactions later. Heading home to Newfoundland on Tuesday

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Crossing the border

Spending a few days in Boston before heading back to Newfoundland for Christmas. It’s already been an adventure! Most of which occurred at the actual Canadian/American border. Adam is driving a car, a 2009 Audi, owned by his mother while his car is in the shop. But… how can someone so young own a car so expensive? No. Are we

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Christmas Cheer

Christmas is drawing near and with that comes my frantic search of shopping for my peeps! What to get people? What do you get for a mother that has everything? What do you get for a father that also has everything? Both of whom insist not to get them anything… Well, I did. Both of them! Possibly my greatest ideas

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