2012…so far

2012 is pretty well half done… already! And unlike most years, it has delivered quite a lot in the way of music and entertainment. The first two quarters of the year are generally pretty slow when it comes to new releases, especially with music, where many big names will try to compete for the fourth quarter sales period of September

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Best Albums of 2011

I’m still an avid music buyer. Whether it’s in my preferred format of CD, my emerging choice of vinyl when available or the last resort of digital, I’ve come across a lot of albums in 2011. This particular list is always the most challenging to compile at the end of the year because it usually involves me having had listened

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Best Songs of 2011

Every year I compile a list of songs that I think best represents the year from my perspective. The songs that make up this list do so if I think they’re very well written, are irresistible ear worms, had a major impact in music or pop culture, hold some sentimental personal value or simply because I just really liked them.

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