One Direction – Midnight Memories

One Direction - Midnight Memories

Having never jumped on the boy band bandwagon before, I know that I’m out of One Direction‘s target audience. Yet, they’re still intriguing because, while they’re a singing group, they’re also celebrities who cater to teenage fans just like the boy bands of a decade ago, and the decade before that.

Like boy bands of years gone, One Direction will one day serve as a form of nostalgia for today’s youth who will listen back to these songs and longingly say their era of teen pop was the best. Admittedly I can now say a decade and a half later that some hits by the Backstreet Boys are some of my 90s guilty pleasures. So while I’m not the intended audience for 1D, I was once part of an age group for similar acts.

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The 1.2 Frontloaded

The first week sales for Red, Taylor Swift‘s new album, are the biggest for an album since 2002 when Eminem sold 1.3 million copies of The Eminem Show in its debut week. Yet the music industry has been declining since 2000. How can singers like Taylor and Adele┬ábe breaking records in a period of low record sales where the total

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The Wanted vs.

The new era of pop music is upon us being led by One Direction and The Wanted. While One Direction seem perfectly fine being associated as being the Backstreet Boys of this generation, The Wanted might not be keen on being the ‘N Sync competition. Rather than embrace their inevitable pop fandom, they have taken to lashing out at some

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