Ryan Adams – 1989

Ryan Adams - 1989

Rock purists have always been at odds with pop music – polished production, catchy melodies, shallow lyrics – so it’s always a joy to see rock musicians profess their love for pop albums. It’s the closest the world of music can get to world peace. When Ryan Adams revealed his intention to cover the entirety of Taylor Swift‘s 1989, I

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Taylor Swift – 1989

Taylor Swift - 1989

Taylor Swift has become known for a specific brand of pop/country that was all her own. She took the girl-next-door image and built herself around it with lyrics about the good and bad of relationships she’s had, doing so with innocence. She used her growing celebrity status, and subsequently the status of the men she was romantically linked with to her advantage, making her song lyrics the primary talking point about her.

She became a superstar singer known for her songwriting – kind of a rarity in today’s celebrity-driven culture. Love her or hate her, you knew a Swift song when you heard one.

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