Gimme your ideas

While I doubt I’ll run out of things to write about soon, I’d like to get some ideas from the readers. I do have a couple dozen posts drafted, waiting to be completed and posted and some of them have been suggested by people I know (don’t worry. They’re coming!), I’d like to know what other people would like me

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Canadian Weblog Awards

While it’s old news to me but I realized I haven’t made mention of it on here yet – and we all know how much I love award shows! This blog is listed amongst the nominations for several Ninjamatics Canadian Weblog Awards. What makes it neat is that a jury of voters, who are bloggers themselves, that choose the winners

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Blogging for life

You know, sometimes I have to wonder what I’m doing here. Here as in this website. This blog. I started blogging, or as it was back then, simply keeping an online journal? I forget when I actually started to use the word “blog” but it goes back more than five years to when I (very!) briefly had a livejournal account.

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