Sarah McLachlan – Shine On

Sarah McLachlan - Shine On

Some things about Sarah McLachlan have remained constant since the early days of her career. Pierre Marchand has singularly produced all of her albums except her first. She’s rarely written with co-writers other than Marchand, and she’s practically been the face of Vancouver label Nettwerk since both of their beginnings.

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Jann Arden – Everything Almost

Jann Arden - Everything Almost

Jann Arden has a peculiar place in Canadian pop culture. She has just as much a reputation for being a comedienne and an activist as she does a singer/songwriter, and while she isn’t as prominent as she was earlier in her career, she still has the clout to grab headlines in the Canadian media.

Yet, despite her sense of humour on stage and in social media, her music is primarily known for its heartbreak and sadness. She plays both ends of the emotional spectrum well.

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