Six things about Lady Gaga at the closing the Roseland Ballroom

Lady Gaga performed seven shows as part of the closing of New York City’s iconic Roseland Ballroom. The venue, originally opened in 1917, sat in its current home on West 52nd until it closed its doors for the final time last night.

Gaga was selected to be the final performer for the venue likely because she has been outspoken about her ties to New York since breaking out in 2008. I was lucky enough to attend one of the shows (April 4) where I got to see Gaga pretty up close, especially in comparison to previous times I saw her.

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Today, Lady Gaga revealed the cover for her album ARTPOP as well as indicated that her second single will be called Gypsy. No word on its specific release date but I expect it to be out within two weeks (My best guess might be Oct. 21). As of now, Applause is still doing well on the charts as it has

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Express This Way

Early this week, a video was leaked of Madonna rehearsing for her upcoming MDNA Tour where she did a mashup of her hit Express Yourself coupled with Lady GaGa‘s Born This Way. GaGa’s 2011 hit was heavily criticized for being a replica of Madonna’s hit from two decades ago. When asked about it for the first time earlier this year

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Manipulation in all shapes

Earlier this week I read an article that I thought was rather interesting, despite its incredible amount of improper and very biased reporting. Regarding the incident back in May in which Lady GaGa‘s album Born This Way was put on sale at Amazon‘s digital store for 99 cents for two non-consecutive days during the first week of the album’s release.

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