Best of 2016: Top 50 Songs

Best of 2017

2016 was a difficult year, even beyond the political landscape and ongoing tragedies around the world that persist. The world of music and pop culture lost many talented actors, musicians and artists in general. It was tough to remain focused. This year was the first year I found myself embraced more by more older favourites than new releases, which made coming

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Brit’s Diner

As news about Britney Spears‘ collaboration with Iggy Azalea continues to build up to its May 5 release, another Brit recording leaked today – her collaboration with famed disco and electronic producer Giorgio Moroder.

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So did U2 pull a Beyoncé?

U2 and Tim Cook

Ever since December, when Beyoncé did the impossible by releasing an album without anybody knowing, basically altering the possibilities of how new releases are done, the obsession has raged on over who would be next to ‘pull a Beyoncé‘. Some have predicted and for the most part, the same names have popped up.

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