Celine Dion – Loved Me Back To Life

Celine Dion - Loved Me Back To Life

While Celine Dion‘s voice is unmistakably recognizable, her eleventh english-language album is less so. Loved Me Back To Life is vastly different for the French-Canadian singer when comparing the material she has released over the last two decades.

The master of the love ballad and the queen of cheesy soft pop, Celine Dion takes a long overdue approach to providing a slightly more modern sound in her music that incorporates styles used by some of the biggest pop stars of today.

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Lengthy songs that work

Most pop hits clock in at just over three minutes long. A good amount are more than four minutes but any longer than that and the scissors are brought in to chop it down to fit within the time constraints of radio – and our own attention spans. The last song longer than 4:30 to hit #1 on the Hot

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Down with CanCon

I used to be a big supporter and fan of Canadian music. The old saying “It’s Canadian!” was always justification enough for why we should like a new artist or an unknown song. And the pride when a Canadian song received international attention was always swelling. The late 90s was a great period for this when CanCon favourites Alanis Morissette,

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