Best of 2016: Top 50 Songs

Best of 2017

2016 was a difficult year, even beyond the political landscape and ongoing tragedies around the world that persist. The world of music and pop culture lost many talented actors, musicians and artists in general. It was tough to remain focused. This year was the first year I found myself embraced more by more older favourites than new releases, which made coming

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Robin Schulz – Prayer

Robin Schulz - Prayer

When Waves became a hit last year for Mr Probz thanks to a remix by Robin Schulz, I was instantly hooked on the acoustic quality of the song overlaid by a light beat that brought out a bass line but also highlighted the charm of the original.

It marked the true culmination of electronica and acoustic genres centred around simplicity. Where most dance remixes replace the authenticity of the originals, Robin Schulz embraces them and simply adds to them without altering the songs themselves.

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Best of 2014: Top 50 Songs

Phantogram - Voices

December is all about the holidays but for people like me, it’s also all about the year in review and that means year-end lists for music and movies. This list consists of my picks of the top 50 songs that either came out this year or were ones I came across this year. Since most of my favs had a

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