Christmas in a box

Christmas tree

When I was growing up, the first sign of Christmas came with the Sears Christmas Wish Book that arrived at the end of August. Every year, it became a temporarily permanent fixture in the kitchen and living room as I’d thumb through the toy pages – and later the electronics pages – looking at the things I’d want.

But the Christmas season for me didn’t officially start until I heard my first Christmas song on the radio, usually around November 22, and usually on the province’s main AM station, just because. After that first song, the floodgates of Christmas opened.

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The Christmas Insanity!

Every year around this time comes the discussion of when is an appropriate time to start preparing for Christmas. Before Halloween is crazy, before Remembrance Day is inappropriate and before December is too early. Moving beyond whether you think Christmas is too commercialized or you don’t celebrate it, how early is too early? Growing up, the onset of Christmas was

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