The photos aren’t yours to look at

By now you’ve heard about the leaked nude photos of dozens of female celebrities. You might have had the urge to seek them out for yourself to ogle over. Photos stolen by people who hacked their way into the personal devices and domains of these women, collected and gathered without their consent or knowledge, and shared en masse to the entire world to anyone who might want a peek.

But then you might have stopped to think for a second, would you walk into a change room, sit down and gawk at a woman as she changed, not knowing you were there leering at her? Would you sneak into a woman’s home and hide in her closet hoping to catch a glimpse?

Probably not. Unless you’re a creep.

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Comparing Miley & Sinead

What are your thoughts on last week’s Sinead O’Connor vs. Miley Cyrus? Was Sinead right to point the finger at Miley and tell her how wrong she is to have such a sexualized image when so many girls consider her a role model? Was Sinead slut-shaming Miley by using the word “prostitute” seven times in her first open letter? Is

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