Don’t Let It Go

Frozen Soundtrack

Everyone knows Let It Go. The iconic song from Disney’s Frozen that has probably toppled A Whole New World, Circle Of Life and Beauty & The Beast as Disney’s most memorable song attached to an animated film. It helped make Idina Menzel a recognizable name outside of Broadway last year and received all kinds of awards and recognition. Such popularity also helped make it a widely hated song.

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No Platinum albums in 2014 – not so fast!


The subject of low record sales isn’t news anymore. In fact, it’s such a non-news issue that it’s become the standard mindset for music media. Whenever it does become a topic of discussion, it is due to a new angle depicting the same armageddon of the music industry.

This week, it was widely reported that 2014 has become the first year no albums have been certified platinum since the RIAA began issuing platinum certifications in 1976. Basically, album sales have dropped so much that no albums have sold a million copies.

But it isn’t really that simple, nor is it really the full story. Here are a few things to help put this into context:

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Frozen poster

Disney has pretty much owned the animated slice of the movies for decades. My own youth was charmed by the “Disney Renaissance” brought on by movies like The Little Mermaid and Beauty & The Beast.

Throughout the 90s, Walt Disney Animations produced a hit movie almost every year but popularity started to wane later in the decade as other production studios got into the game. By then, the instant Disney classic was moved wayside in favour of more modern titles with fresh new styles, including Disney’s own Pixar – the studio behind Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Up.

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