The perfect ending

Inception fingertop

I’ve never watched the show but I’ve heard a lot about the disappointing ending of How I Met Your Mother. Judging by the overwhelmingly negative reaction, it seems like it was the most disappointing series finale since Seinfeld, another show I didn’t watch.

That response got me thinking about what makes a good ending to a long-running series, whether television, book or movie, and how rewarding as a good ending can be – and how also easy it is for it to go terribly wrong.

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Things to come

July will be a busy month for me. Lots of fun things happening so even if the weather sucks, it won’t be all bad! July 1-3: Montreal. Adam and I are going to spend the weekend there. While there we’ll be seeing Katy Perry and Robyn. July 7: or the 12th. I need to double check bit Big Brother 13!

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