Ode to iTunes Song of the Week

As of December, iTunes no longer offers its free Single of the Week. It was a feature Apple’s music store offered for well over a decade and was one that helped me to discover many great songs and artists. I’m a casual user of iTunes. Most of the music I buy is on CD and vinyl but occasionally, I do

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Beyoncé has changed the game

Minutes before midnight Thursday night, Beyoncé released an entire new album exclusively to iTunes consisting of 14 songs, each with its own music video (plus several bonus videos), in a move that sets a new benchmark for pop music marketing and promotion – because prior to its release, nobody saw it coming.

The move has the potential to completely reset how album eras by major pop stars are promoted. In pop music, marketing and promotion are huge for albums, where the two to three months leading up to its release date is the most important period for the entire project. Interviews and performances are lined up, at least two singles are released, music videos, ad campaigns, partnerships and endorsements, an entire strategy planned in order to ensure the greatest chance at a successful project.

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Gaga showcases ARTPOP

Lady Gaga previewed her upcoming album ARTPOP in the kick-off to this year’s iTunes Festival London 2013 as she performed seven new songs from the record along with her current hit Applause. My first impression of the songs indicate that ARTPOP will be a mixed bag of pop music that covers a lot of ground. I’m usually partial to her

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