11 Albums that are 20 years old

Dance Mix 94

20 years ago, I got my first CD player for Christmas and with that, my very first CD. MuchMusic’s Dance Mix ’94. That was 20 years ago…

In joining the internet’s neverending quest to make us all feel old old, here’s a list of albums that came out 20 years ago that most of us probably owned, wanted to own, or borrowed from a friend to record to a blank cassette. And now for the first time, let’s reminisce together as we realize: Wow! I can’t believe that came out 20 years ago! I’m old!

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Jann Arden – Everything Almost

Jann Arden - Everything Almost

Jann Arden has a peculiar place in Canadian pop culture. She has just as much a reputation for being a comedienne and an activist as she does a singer/songwriter, and while she isn’t as prominent as she was earlier in her career, she still has the clout to grab headlines in the Canadian media.

Yet, despite her sense of humour on stage and in social media, her music is primarily known for its heartbreak and sadness. She plays both ends of the emotional spectrum well.

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Juno win or Juno fail


The 43rd Juno Awards were held last night in Winnipeg, highlighting the best of Canadian music for the last year or so. Being a fan of many Canadian artists, the Junos have long held a special seat during awards season for me, even if I rarely agree with most aspects of how they work.

While the Junos are known by many to award the best in Canadian music, my biggest criticism has been that it often sticks with the most popular Canadian artists who have attained international fame within the period of eligibility. If an artist had a big year in the United States, by default they almost always have a good year at the Junos.

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